Services to meet your every need.

A specialist in gaseous fuel engines for power generation and compression. With microprocessor expertise, we configure engines to operate on Dual fuel and Tri fuel, Syngas, Biogas, Ethanol, and other types of hydrocarbon chains.

Industries which Green Energy Resources can provide products and services, as well as valuable solutions to, include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water Resources
  • Farm & Mining
  • General Industries
  • Palm Oil

With years of knowledge and past experience Green Energy Resources has the confidence of being a global leader you can trust.

Products that we offer:

1. Gaseous fueling controls and instrumentation from Motortech, Cella, Germany –

2. MAN Biogas Engine Packages in Malaysia –

3. AfSys Jinan Gaseous Fuel Engine and Generator CKD in Malaysia –

4. SCADA over internet monitoring system

5. GER Biological H2S Scrubber – designed and developed with Southern Thailand University

6. GER Stainless Dryer – with high efficiency compact plate Exchanger

7. Customized BIO-BLOWER – Alloy material Centrifugal Blower for Biogas and Syngas Services, non-sparking and rust inhibiting performance with aviation turbine seal

8. Dualfueling for generators and boiler using Biogas or Syngas